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Finding the Time to Write


It’s been a couple weeks now that I’ve been trying to figure out how to quit my day job so that I can write novels. That’s right, quit my six figure career in software engineering so that I can instead spend my days writing away and, inevitably, making no money.


Lately my days have been distracted with thoughts on the stories I’ve been writing; ideas, putting together the world in my head, some notes here and there, with the plan of finally committing the ideas and thoughts to paper when I get a chance. The problem is, that chance never came. Once the kids are in bed and my work is done, my mind is mushy, I’d rather be relaxing, watching TV, reading or enjoying some craft beer instead.

So a few nights ago I Googled “finding the time to write”, because it is much more productive to Google such a thing rather than spend the time writing, and came across this blog post by John Scalzi, writer of Old Man’s War, titled “Writing: Find the Time or Don’t“. In this blog post I really liked this line:

Either you want to write or you don’t, and thinking that you want to write really doesn’t mean anything. There are lots of things I think I’d like to do, and yet if I don’t actually make the time and effort to do them, they don’t get done.

Well, shucks.

I can certainly do at least 250 words a day– heck, this blog post is longer than that! Maybe in a year I’ll have my first novel and maybe I won’t. Bottom line, though; I do want to write, and so I will.


4 thoughts on “Finding the Time to Write

  1. that’s the spirit. good luck with your 250 words. They add up fast!

    • They really do and I’m starting to get excited by the story I’ve been writing so 250 words a day has been no problem… so far.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I myself struggle with the very same things and I too yearn to be a professional writer all day long at my day job. It helps to know that other aspiring authors, or rather author-ess, go through the same hurdles and hard times.

    • It would be grand, wouldn’t it? But then, maybe I’d begin to resent writing if I absolutely *had* to do it. I’m not sure.

      I tried to go and read your blog but it seems you only have an older one with a post from last year. I hope you’re making the time to write every day, too.

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